Your good health requires the ultimate in restful sleep. The Normalizer was designed by a chiropractor to reduce stress and give the body the rest it needs!

Sleeping on an ordinary pillow fails to support the spine properly and may cause problems to your neck and back. The Normalizer has been designed to contour the normal curvature of the neck. It’s unique constructions helps maintain the head and neck in proper relationship to each other.

NORMALIZER posture pillows gently support the neck, giving a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. The patented design enables you to choose whatever position you prefer without losing the neccessary support for a comfortable and restfull sleep.

NORMALIZER posture pillows are made of durable 100% pure non-allergenic polyurethane foams.. The deluxe CoolPlus® and standard covers are removable for simple washing.

NORMALIZER posture pillows are a premium pillow of superior quality, backed by a strong Guarantee, as evidenced by our customer testimonials.

NORMALIZER posture pillows fit a standard pillow case and are available in regular and firm density foams.


Standard Size: 5 inch and 4 inch bolsters.

Comfort Size: Two 4 inch bolsters.

Petite Size: 4 inch and 3 inch bolsters. Designed for a small body frame and children.

Travel Size: Fits in airline carry-on luggage.


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